We present you a report that summarizes the 8th edition of the Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival.
The movie „Podwórka” produced by the Festival of Dialogue of Four Cultures will be screened at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival
An interview with Andrzej Bart

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Memory of the Shoah

Book promotion
Memory of the Shoah: Cultural Representations and Commemoration Practices

5/09– 4/10/2009

Anabasis. Rituals of Homecoming

An international exhibition of contemporary visual art. Over 20 artists working in various media have been invited to take part: from installation and sculpture to photography and video. A significant part of the exhibition will be made up of productions made specially for the festival.

6 – 12/09/2009

Georg Nussbaumer Barcarolle

This intriguing composer and dramatist will create a spectacular opera for Łódź in the city space. For three days pianos will appear in various parts of Łódź, listening in on the city like giant black ears. What will Łódź’s musical portrait look like?