Location: Empik Megastore Manufaktura, ul. Karskiego 5

Promotion for the New Issue of ‘Tygiel Kultury’

at 5.00 p.m.
[free entry]

host: Monika Wąsik

‘Tygiel Kultury’ [Cultural Melting-pot] is a socio-cultural magazine created in May 1995 in Łódź by Zbigniew W. Nowak and Zbigniew Dominiak. It is published both in print and on the Internet. ‘Tygiel Kultury’ presents the latest contemporary events and phenomena, poetry, prose and art – both Polish and foreign – as well as the biggest social issues. It takes on issues of the multicultural society. It cooperates with writers, critics, academics, translators and artists. Among the team and the regular contributors to ‘Tygiel Kultury’ from its very inception have been: Anna Kuligowska-Korzeniewska, Lucyna Skompska, Renata Jabłońska, Wojciech Górecki, Wojciech Ligęza, and Leszek Engelking. The magazine has debuted young artists and academics. ‘Tygiel Kultury’ also runs artistic activities (Press Art), organizes literary competitions, gives out awards (the Zbigniew Dominiak award for translations of Polish poetry into Slavic languages, the ‘Sprężyna’ [Spring] Award for creative ferment in Łódź) and publishes books, above all those affiliated with Łódź’s multicultural heritage – in the framework of the ‘Tygiel Kultury’ Library. To date this has included: Pojln by Jechiel Jeszaj Trunk, The Ballad of Blind Maks by Arnold Mostowicz, Art after the Holocaust by Eleonora Jedlińska, and many others.
The editors of ‘Tygiel Kultury’
ul. Wschodnia 49
90-267 Łódź
tel. 0 42 637 45 70,