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partnerzy tego wydarzenia


Location: JAZZGA, 17 Piotrkowska Str.

OnAir – open-air concert and club party

at 10:00 p.m.
[entry: 25 zł ]

Procesor Plus Band
Łukasz Seliga a.k.a. SLG
The special guest this year is Roboty – a Moscow group returning to the club circuit after a few-year hiatus, and with totally new material. At this year’s OnAir we’ll find out the new direction of this group, which has long been fascinated by Soviet futurism. One thing is for sure: all attempts to pigeonhole the music of Roboty – from synth pop, Italo disco, through nu-electro or disco-punk – are insufficient, and when Max, Eldar and Kiryll come on stage in their red overalls, they start a cosmic show. ‘In a few million years, when the Earth is ruled by machines, we’ll have become a cult group,’ the musicians claim.
The next incredible group premiering at this year’s On Air is Procesor Plus Band – the new project by Grzegorz Fajngold, a.k.a. Procesor Plus. Procesor’s electro-punk compositions, thus far chiefly generated by computer, will be heard in arrangements by a six-person band at the show on September 12th in the courtyard of Jazzga.
After the open-air part, one and all are invited to the after-party, to the Jazzga club, for a performance by Frivolous, known for his finesse and very precise matching of sounds, and for his concerts that disarm listeners with their incredibly dynamic energy. He will be accompanied by Łukasz Seliga, a.k.a. SLG.
Roboty – two architects and a seismologist who decided to form a group in 1997, as their response to the futurist vision of the world inhabited by machines. At first they were more present at contemporary art festivals than at music clubs, but with the growing popularity of electro music in Russia they were soon praised by the press as the ‘stars of Russian electro-clash.’ Their concerts combine a live act with projections of their own animation, in which the main protagonists are machine-people.

Procesor Plus Band – for their tenth anniversary, Procesor Plus (Grzegorz Fajngold), generally performing as a one-man live act, decided to multiply himself six-fold. He has invited five musicians from other projects to take part, well-known figures from the Łódź music scene: Piotr Kospion (Afroporno; guitar), Aleksandr Gemel (19 wiosen; guitar), Bartek Adamiak (Arythmia; bass), Łukasz Ławniczak (Afroporno; percussion), and Kamil Łazikowski (Cool Kids of Death; synth).

Frivolous (i.e. Daniel Gardner) is interested in both musical and graphic design, which is why all his artistic projects are saturated with his trademark multidisciplinary sensibility. His compositions emerge in direct link with his surrounding environment, and are built on the countless noises that are all around us every day. This fascination with the sounds of everyday life translates into his use of unconventional instruments in his concerts, such as kitchen knives or old telephones.

Łukasz Seliga a.k.a. SLG is a Łódź musician and producer who works with independent labels like Dubsystem, Trenton, and Level Records. SLG has developed a trademark style that combines modern minimal techno (with an accent on funky grooves) and modern sound-design. His live performances are spontaneous, unpredictable and full of improvisation, and his pieces are regularly played by such famous dj’s as Richie Hawtin, Dominik Eulberg, Jeff Milligan, Koze, Jeff Samuel, and Oliver Hacke.
curator: Aleksandra Knychalska
project partner: Jazzga Club